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SAPPHO (greeting card)


In the Days of Sappho

Sappho (Greek: Σαπφώ) was a Greek lyric poet, born on the island of Lesbos. The Alexandrians included her in the list of the nine lyric poets. Her birth took place sometime between 630 and 612 BC.
The majority of her poetry, which was well-known and greatly admired through much of antiquity, is lost. However, her immense reputation has endured through surviving fragments. Sappho’s lifetime witnessed a period of political turbulence on Lesbos and saw the rise of Pittacus.
Sappho was exiled to Sicily sometime between 604 BC and 594 BC and Cicero records that a statue of her stood in the town-hall of Syracuse. It is usually assumed that Sappho returned from exile at some point and that she spent most of her life in Lesbos.
A tradition suggests that Sappho killed herself by jumping off the Leucadian cliffs for love of Phaon, a ferryman. This is regarded unhistorical by modern scholars. The legend may have its origins in the desire to assert Sappho as heterosexual, because she was said to be homosexual.

Card size: DIN A6 (10 x 15 cm)

Greeting card with fold and white space inside to write down any compliments, description on the backside.
Premium quality envelope inclusive.