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THE LAND BABY (greeting card)


The Land Baby

»The Land Baby« is an oil painting created at 1909.
The picture shows a little girl who is not afraid of mermaids.
Tales of these half-human, half-fish legendary creatures have circulated
for thousands of years, and many of the oldest can be found in ancient
mythology. Although long-lived and possessing supernatural powers,
merfolk are generally depicted as mortal.

Merpeople often appear in Greek mythology. The sea god Triton, son of the king and queen of the sea, Poseidon and Amphitrite, is usually depicted with the upper torso of a man and a fish’s tail. The sirens that attempt to lure Odysseus to his death in the Odyssey were originally
portrayed as half-female, half-bird, but later depictions portrayed them as mermaids.

Card size: DIN A6 (10 x 15 cm)

Greeting card with fold and white space inside to write down any compliments, description on the backside.
Premium quality envelope inclusive.